what is Fanward

We partner with artists create vlogs for their fans.

The Vlog Network

Fanward is one concept with Two Arms (like us humans!).

1 – Production & Editing

2 – Distribution on our Streaming Platform.

Fanward was built to help Artists bring content to their fans that they themselves didn’t have the resources or time to do on their own. We shoot, edit, & distribute the content. The Artists receive ongoing revenue from the Memberships they bring in.

See these videos for more info


We wanted to come up with a low cost, high value, SINGLE MEMBERSHIP model that had NO ADS.

One Membership

All Artists

No Ads

Supports The Artists

We think that is something every fan can get on board with.

$2.99/Mo MONTHLY

$1.99/Mo ANNUAL – Only $23.88/Yr

(save 33% with Annual Memberships)


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how much of my membership goes to the artist?

If you come through the Artist’s link on their social media, or select an artist from the Fanward Homepage, 75% of your membership goes to that Artist every month/year. Your Membership directly supports them with that specific 75% amount that you know about.

Example: If you select the $1.99/month Annual Membership, that Artist gets $1.50/month of your Membership.

why isn’t Fanward free

If Fanward was free, we would have to do Advertising.

If we did Advertising we would run into many of the problems that end up taking money from Artists. Stuff like has been happening on YouTube lately.

When you run ads on a site, ultimately you are subject to what the advertising spenders do and don’t want on the site. In other words, if the Artists want to make money, they have to bend to the rules the Advertisers put in place.

We talked to A LOT of artists and fans before we launched and found out that $1.99/month is what fans are happy with and still is enough to help support the artist and their content.


when are more artists coming on the platform

We wanted to start off with a small group of artists to test the concept, see what fan feedback would be, and make sure we have all our ducks in a row before we added on more.

We are now in talks with multiple other artists who are interested in creating content on Fanward.

If you think you know a great artist who would be a awesome addition on Fanward, please let us know.


Meet Our Artists

can i ask questions and make suggestions?

PLEASE! We welcome comments, questions, thoughts, and anything you think might help us and the artists make even more awesome content for you, the fans.

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